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We’ll help you hit the ground running in 2014

We know it was tough in 2013, and we can make sure 2014 is easier for you. We all know that the key to marketing promotion is getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. We’ve got over 17,000 brand managers, agency planners and marketers searching our site when they are looking for ideas. Where better to place your opportunities?

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How we helped Ink


Ink, a specialist in flight media owner were struggling to educate potential advertisers about their medium. Ink used getmemedia's relationships with marketing directors and brand managers. Ink have already won business that has paid for the investment they have made.

How we helped Penguin


Penguin joined getmemedia to grow their network of agencies and clients and to build new partners. Penguin have been put in touch with PR contacts and have partaken in several networking sessions.