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Experiential Marketing


QTR 3 2024



At a Glance

Experiential Marketing is a highly creative media channel operating below the line.

Traditional marketing such as TV delivers to the mass audience with one short visual message. Experiential marketing targets smaller, carefully selected audiences enabling unique interactions that appeal to all senses leaving the consumer with a lasting impression of the brand. It also opens their subconscious to the brands further marketing channels.

Experiential has many definitions. For us it is about connecting people, brands & products through engaging experiences which are emotionally stimulating using our key senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and hearing – made possible through our creative campaign mechanics delivered by our hand picked brand ambassadors

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Hot Topics

What's hot in Experiential Marketing?

  • For what used to be an afterthought, experiential marketing is swiftly becoming a key tactic in many advertising campaigns - budget increased by 7.6% in 2014
  • Both agency and client agrees that Experiential marketing is the opportunity of the next few years as it gives great integration opportunities with digital
  • Brands will need to distinguish themselves early on and be sure to be giving a clear message to the consumer.

What is Experiential Marketing?

What is experiential marketing?

What works with experiential marketing?

What’s the key to Experiential marketing? What’s the secret ingredient?

Why Experiential?

  • 89% of consumers actually want to try a brand before buying it
  • 64% of consumers positively advocate experiential campaigns
  • 80% agree that experiential marketing is more likely to give them information than other forms of communication
  • 81% agree that experiential marketing would make them more receptive to other marketing from the product/brand
  • 85% agree they would tell others about participating in an event
How can you create ‘stand out’?

Another key to success is positive integration

Experiential Marketing from Blackjack

Response rate from a Experiential marketing campaign

In Summary

Experiential is the most talked about form of marketing.

At Blackjack, The Experential Agency:

  • We create, develop, deploy and deliver campaigns
  • We listen to our clients and our audience
  • We learn
  • We educate and inform both clients and consumers
  • We trust and believe in what we do
SWOT analysis of experential marketing

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