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QTR 2 2019



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Is Grab and Go the future? Amazon has opened its’ first ‘real’ shop that doesn’t have tills and lets the consumer grab there shopping and leave.

Shoppers are billed using a network of cameras and sensors and then billed automatically online without having to go through a payment process.

The shop is open to only open to employees in Settle, at present but if the pilot works, could this be the future of shopper marketing?

(Source: The Times, 2016 December 6th)

Shopping Personalisation
continues to grow with Marmite, Coke and Nutella all running annual campaigns and high end stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols forming partnerships

Mobile apps
help shoppers save money. Twice as many shopper are now interested in online tools to help them find the best prices and promotions
(Source: IGD Shopper Vista)

Virtual Realit
y is coming. Earlier this year the first dedicated VR pop up shop opened in London and the ‘Future of Shopping’ reported that by 2050 VR shopping would replace the high street.

High street store, Topshop uses VR in their window displays during London Fashion week (Source:

What is Shopper Marketing?

Shopper’s face a lot of choice when they go for a typical grocery shop.

Research has shown that with the right creative, at the right touchpoint, with the right message brands can increase sales by up to 27%.

How it works?

We believe that the most important piece of paper in your business is the till receipt. The little bit of paper that tells you if you've won or lost in your battle to attract a shopper to buy your brand over another.

Once a shopper is on a mission to buy from our category we need to be crafting shopper communications that

1) Attracts

2) Helps them to effectively consider and evaluate

3) Ultimately closes the sale

It’s easy to see things from other perspective as marketeers, caught up in the brand or retailer position. We know what we do so well because we do it every day.

It’s a skill to be able to detach yourself, that’s why we start with the shopper - make them the hero and see things through their eyes first.

Key Feature and Benefits

It’s important to note that Shopper Marketing isn’t just POS. It’s integral to all marketing activity and should be considered upstream as well as near the moment of purchase. If done right, it can help create the perfect relationship. 

Key Audience Strength of Shopper Marketing

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to the audience in Shopper Marketing. The shopper’s journey is different across different categories – just think about your decision-making process when buying a car versus buying a packet of crisps.

One of the tools we use to understand this consumer decision journey is the McKinsey model. This allows us to develop solutions based on the time spent in each ‘phase’, unique to the challenge and objectives at hand.

In addition to this, we look at macro shopper trends and how this may affect their purchasing behaviour. Such as…

All of this allows us to create marketing designed to change shopper behaviour from desire to action.

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