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5 great Ambient media ideas you can view today:

CASE STUDY: Time to Change Beer Mat Campaign goes Viral

Useful case study or researach attachedAdmedia beer mats go viral for Time to Change men's mental health campaign.

Price Range : Contact for details
Company : Admedia
CASE STUDY: Vauxhall Utilises Nexus to Reach Van Drivers

Useful case study or researach attachedVauxhall embraces Admedia's wide range of Motorway Service Area (MSA) capabilities to raise awareness of the Vivaro model.

Price Range : Contact for details
Company : Admedia
CASE STUDY: Camelot Raises Awareness of Lotto via Bar Media

Useful case study or researach attachedCamelot ran a national Beer Mat and Bar Runner campaign across the Admedia bar network to stimulate talkability around Lotto.

Price Range : Contact for details
Company : Admedia
High footfall experiential opportunities at UK train stations

Excellent experiential marketing opportunity. Target daily commuters & day-trippers at busy UK train stations.

Price Range : £0 to £50k
Company : Access Point
Advertise to a sociable audience while they are out and about

We provide interactive advertising throughout the UK's most popular locations including Slug & Lettuce, Oceana, Liquid & Yates.

Price Range : £0 to £50k
Company : Admedia
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