CASE STUDY: Bringing a new audience to Asda Optical

Provided by International Business Times
Asda teamed up with Adprime to raise awareness of their optical offering amongst an engaged audience.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Asda's mission is to make life more affordable by helping everyone save money every day. One of the best ways they do this is through their growing number of in-store opticians, where high quality eye care comes with great value prices. The challenge for this campaign was to reach a receptive and engaged audience who did not previously know about Asda Optical.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Asda opticians pride themselves on offering a superbly professional service and the very best value for money. The campaign objective was to convey this mission to a brand new audience alongside the warmth and friendliness that Asda is famous for. The campaign needed to be targeted to the correct environments with a standout creative that was both engaging and compelling.

What was the Solution?

Adprime Media operates several niche ad networks specialising in specific categories helping advertisers reach the right audiences. We suggested a mix of standard and high impact formats across a custom built site listing optical information and links. This meant that powerful imagery and messaging would accurately reach the right audience at the right time. We also targeted users engaged in content regarding retinal care.

What were the Results?

Understanding campaign objectives is the key to our success. Our Ad operations team optimises each campaign by continuously monitoring its performance on websites. Impressions are shifted to highest performing placements which in return, generate 2x's the average CTR and brand lift compared to the industry average. Our cutting edge technology and dedication to success gave the Asda reach peaking at 0.64% CTR using billboard formats. We now have continuous rebooking from this client and they are delighted with the results.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Adprime were able to optimise the campaign by continuously monitoring performance on websites. Impressions were shifted to the highest performing placements and underperforming sites were immediately removed. By only offering highly visible placements on prominent positions we were able to leave an impression on our audience with high impact units that captured and engaged

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