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CASE STUDY: Evian Affinity - Increasing Brand Awareness

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Evian Affinity successfully used cinema to raise awareness of its new skincare range.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Evian Affinity, was a new skincare range launched in September 2004. The launch was accompanied by TV, Press and Outdoor. In January 2005, Evian wanted to continue building awareness of the brand and chose Cinema to showcase their advert for Evian Affinity Hydrating Lotion.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Evian had one key objective for this campaign which was to build awareness of their new product, Evian Affinity Hydrating Lotion. Evian chose to use cinema to continue building this awareness among their target audience

What was the Solution?

Evian Affinity ran the campaign for 6 alternate weeks using an AGP package. By doing so Evian took advantage of numerous factors such as: Gaining excellent association with top line films including Hitch, Meet the Focker's, Closer and Ocean's 12. Evian had great share of voice with only one other moisturising brand being on screen at the same time, and they had presence in an extremely impactful environment

What were the Results?

The campaign results were very good... Spontaneous brand awareness tripled amongst cinemagoers in comparison to the control. Cinemagoers understood that the lotion rejuvenates and hydrates the skin, and the cinema campaign worked extremely well at driving purchase intention, with 43% of the cinema sample agreeing they would be likely to try the product in future (compared to only 23% of the control)

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

The results proved that cinema works extremely well in building brand awareness and getting across key messages to the target audience

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BudgetReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Used
Contact for details18-35 ABC1 Females
16 - 24
25 - 34
Campaign LocationCampaign DurationMarketing ObjectiveCampaign Type
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