CASE STUDY: Personar generates 25% increase in response for MRF

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Using Personar, The Meningitis Research Foundation tested targeted split creative to increase donations.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

The Meningitis Research Foundation were keen to look at their supporters and donors in a new way and change the way that they approached and spoke to them. They were aware that by identifying a specific personality type and tailoring the way they spoke to different groups, it could greatly improve communication and understanding - they wanted to put this into practice.

What was the Campaign Objective?

To raise awareness of MenB vaccine and increase donations for Meningitis Research Foundation

What was the Solution?

Personar was applied to the Meningitis Research Foundation's campaign for the introduction of a MenB vaccine. Two distinct types were identified, emotional and logical, and two separate creative approaches were deployed. Letter A, the 'Lion' letter, contained logical language, simple data graphics and focused on future possibilities. Letter B, the 'Meerkat' letter, had an emphasis on values, human experiences and stressed the personal importance of the vaccine.

What were the Results?

The campaign was a huge success. There was a 25% uplift in response to an emotional letter being sent to emotional types while the logical, facts-based creative gave 15% uplift when sent to logical types. Average donations were up 20%. Response rates and the average gift remained good for unmatched donors, showing that the campaign had no negative effects and therefore very little risk, but boosted the matched donors considerably. Campaign profitability was extremely good at a 3:1 income: spend.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Using Personar helped The Meningitis Research Foundation understand individual motivations and gave more to work with in terms of how to ask for support. It enabled them to better understand the mix of who was currently supporting the cause but also who was not, so spurred them to experiment with different "voices" and perhaps gain support from new groups.

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