CASE STUDY:Future Publishing Increase Awareness & Sales of Dell

Provided by Future Publishing Ltd
Future worked with Dell to help the established brand drive awareness and saliency in a new sector.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Dell wanted to drive re-appraisal and build brand credentials. Dell produce a range of work solutions for the creative and design sectors. Whilst renound for reliability and value-for-money, Dell struggle for market share in a sector dominated by Apple. Future is the UK's leading design publisher, reaching over 100,000 designers in the UK each month and 470,000 globally. Together they have a purchasing responsibility for an annual IT spend of £2bn, making them the ideal audience for Dell to communicate to.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Dell wished to raise awareness, establish a distinct brand positioning and ultimately generate sales among the design community.

What was the Solution?

Stage 1: An editorially-driven campaign in print and online provided practical advice and tools to help Future's design audience start their own studio. A dedicated microsite included 'how to' guides to; opening a studio, marketing finance and staffing. Stage 2: Sustaining the microsite was the key to changing brand perceptions so continuation of the microsite and further multi-platform activity including print advertorials,online display and social media were key. Stage 3:The creation of a dedicated campaign for the Poweredge product across online, print and advertorials.

What were the Results?

Dell saw a 41% uplift in awareness for those exposed to the poweredge ad campaign. The Poweredge campaign saw 2200 clicks to buy with an increase of +15% purchase intent of site visitors. The stage 1 and 2 bespoke microsite exceeded page views target by 24,000 and 11% of downstream traffic from the microsite went to Throughout the stage 1 and 2 campaign there were over 2000 clicks to action (e.g. 'buy now' or 'read more') and among those exposed to the campaign there was a 29% increase in purchase intent.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Testimony from Dell; "At dell, we were looking for a credible channel and more effective from of communication to the creative industry, in order to be able to better introduce our expertise in the workstation area and strengthen our Dell Precision brand visibility. What we got...was a perfect blend of relevant media and interesting topics that kept people following us and created great connection between Dell and themes that made readers return on a regular basis." David Antony, EMEA SMB Workstation Business Manager.

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