CASE STUDY: FreeWall® produces 3.6% click-through for Sandals

Provided by Rezonence
Educating financial professionals on the location of Sandals Resorts

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Rezonence partnered with Sandals Resorts with the aim of educating financial professionals that Sandals Resorts are based in the Caribbean.

What was the Campaign Objective?

To achieve high levels of engagement and accountability while ensuring the target audience was effectively educated about the location of Sandals resorts.

What was the Solution?

Simultaneously driving understanding and traffic to Sandals site using FreeWall® Triple Play technology. Sandals FreeWall® was a layered experience, seamlessly delivering 3 high impact formats for the price of 1: the in-stream Sandals ad, related multiple-choice question and kicker image at the bottom of the article containing a clear call to action. City AM online was chosen to host the ad-unit, as their audience is primarily professionals with an interest in finance. Frequency capped at 1 FreeWall® per article across the main articles of their 4 site sections per day.

What were the Results?

The results showed an engagement rate of 56% and a click-through rate of 3.6%, meaning that FreeWall® outperformed every other ad unit on City AM by many multiples. Sandals were particularly thrilled with the click through rate, which was over 360% higher than the industry average. This highlighted the consumer had a clear understanding and interest in what Sandals Resorts had to offer.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

The results for the campaign demonstrated that presenting FreeWall® to the right audience on the right publisher can deliver huge brand awareness, product interest and effectively educate the consumer. "FreeWall® delivered impressive results, both in terms of engagement and CTR, driving a competitive ROI." Jenny Sowerby, Head of Marketing, Sandals. Due to the pay per engagement model that Rezonence operates, Sandals only paid when an engagement was delivered, ensuring a high ROI in advance

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