Leverage AI to Optimise Media Delivery in Real Time

Provided by LoopMe Ltd
Drive measurable uplift for business outcomes, including brand lift, purchase intent, consideration, foot traffic & sales

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

LoopMe leverages AI to optimise media delivery in real-time through our proprietary technology PurchaseLoop. We drive measurable uplift for brand outcomes and more effective advertising across online and offline marketing goals, including brand lift, purchase intent, consideration, foot traffic and sales. Our AI means it is possible to go beyond digital proxy metrics such as clicks and views and deliver against the metrics which matter such as awareness, consideration and intent. LoopMe only shows ads to the consumers most likely to undergo a change in opinion.

What is the Marketing Objective?

PurchaseLoop is designed to deliver campaigns against the metrics which matter: audiences, brand, visits, conversions, sales. Audiences: In-market Advertising from the First Impression Brand: Deliver on Brand Metrics: Awareness, Consideration, Intent Visits: From Screen to Store: Drive Incremental Foot Traffic Conversions: Deliver on Performance: Drive Conversions, Engagement and Online Actions Sales: Amplify Return on Investment: Online & Offline Sales Optimisation

How does it work?

We solve attribution in real time, using AI to optimise media delivery and create measurable, incremental uplift against sales and other marketing goal.

Who's used it in the past?

We work with brands and agencies. Our agency clients include dentsu, Havas, IPG and GroupM as well as independent firms.

Features / Benefits

From audience targeting to in-flight media optimisation and real-time measurement. LoopMe's PurchaseLoop product suite caters for all media campaign needs and measurably drives campaign results.

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Contact for detailsWe have a total EMEA reach of 216 million devices
All adultsBoth
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