Target 60+ year old, Active Internet Users on eBay

Provided by eBay
Reach older users of the internet who are actively using the web, rather than just passively consuming.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Older consumers (60+) are amongst the most valuable to reach. They can often be time rich and have assets which allow them to buy the things they've wanted their whole life. eBay offers a particularly engaging way to reach this audience, with the knowledge that the audience is effectively filtered; these are older users who not only use the internet, who not only shop on the internet, but also that they do so on eBay, which demonstrates a real "savvyness" online. They are "alpha greys"!

What is the Marketing Objective?

Target "Alpha Greys" (of whom reaches 2.5m a month) in an enthusiastic environment. eBay is typically facilitating the enthusiasms of its users rather than being a truly functional shop. People are buying collectables, vintage car parts etc. rather than milk or bread! The "alpha grey" group is not homogenized - yes, we have 13,000 AGs shopping in our bowls category a month, but in the same period, 7,000 are shopping in Scuba Diving - you couldn't possibly reach them by picking something that "old people are interested in" - this is where eBay steps in.

How does it work?

We can target advertising at users in 5 year age increments at any stage of their shopper journey - from entry points, to account pages, to search, item pages or checkout. The engagement mechanism of the campaign is to offer a shopping spree - "whatever you love, Brand X can make it happen" - we host a page for the brand that's advertising which asks users to send in entries about their hobbies and projects. The most interesting entries win. The page will be a great way of wrapping everything with brand information and assets.

Who's used it in the past?

A wide variety of advertisers have used eBay's pinpoint targeting and unique audience with hosted brand pages - from Nokia, to 3 Mobile, to Gillette, to 20th Century Fox, to BMW. Check out the case studies at:

Features / Benefits

An older audience, but one that's definitely tech savvy, that's geared up for e-commerce and is an enthusiastic, receptive mood. You will struggle to hit the same audience, in the same way, with little to no wastage, elsewhere.

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Guide PriceReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Types
£0 to £50k60+yr active internet shoppers. 2.5 million a month.
55 - 64
Main Shopper
LocationTimingsMarketing ObjectiveOpportunity Type
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