RESEARCH: Magnify and the Medium of Influence

Provided by Periodical Publishers Association
A comprehensive new PPA study that brings the power of magazine advertising into focus.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Not all media channels are equal. The type of influence they apply & to what extent they apply it vary. Magnify was commissioned to measure & ascertain the influence printed magazine advertising applies. As an off-line media, print advertising is missing what is regarded, by some, as an essential ingredient for its inclusion in media plans. A simple back-track ROI equation. But just because its value can't be found & accounted for easily doesn't mean it isn't there. Printed magazine advertising does have its own ROI of £2.77 long-term value for every £1 invested* (attached)

What was the Campaign Objective?

A usable sales tool to help advertisers optimise their advertising performance.

What was the Solution?

Designed as a usable sales tool to help advertisers optimise their advertising performance our study coded each ad by position, size, colour, advertising category, & whether the ad employed any particular mechanics/unusual characteristics. Thus its possible to measure the effectiveness and post exposure impact by type of ad. This information can be used by advertisers to ensure not only that their campaigns use the correct sizes, placement and mechanics to optimise performance, but provides a great level of insight into the natural strengths and weaknesses of a campaign.

What were the Results?

The results of this study provide an unrivalled understanding into how magazines are consumed and highlights the amazing power of magazines to not only engage consumers but drive action as a result of exposure. The study confirms that magazine readers are not only highly receptive to advertising, but are actually as likely to recall advertising as they are editorial, and that both components solicit a similar level of action as a result of exposure. In short it proves conclusively that magazines offer a highly hospitable advertising environment.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Readers were as likely to recall adverts they had seen as they were to recall editorial (on average 54% of all ads & 54% of editorial). More importantly both editorial and advertising drive post exposure action at similar levels. Advertising among 63% of ad 'noters'. Editorial among 66% of ed 'noters'. These results provide conclusive evidence that the magazine reading dynamic creates a place where commercial messages sit just as comfortably with readers as the editorial which they have specifically chosen. No other media claiming purchase funnel credentials can claim that.

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