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Media production, from TV and print to Facebook and mobile can be simple to deliver and doesn’t need to be expensive.  By working with agencies that can develop more congruent creative for your relevant media platform, your advertising will be more engaging for the consumer and more effective for the business in terms of ROI.

While traditional creative agencies “make films”, or new “social media” agencies deliver “dialogue” there are plenty of small media production houses that are usually commissioned by these agencies, who now offer a direct service to clients.

From TV ads and print to Facebook and mobile apps, working with media production experts directly is usually both time saving, and more budget efficient…often producing work to the highest  standards, along with a closer integration with your brands and sales objectives.

There are 4 key ingredients to producing successful content;
Work with an agency who understands your audience and the media that your media agency is planning to use and ensure that the creative is developed for that audience and the relevant media channels.  That means if you are targeting 30 year old women, deliver different creative treatments for those who are single, and those who are at home with a husband and two kids.

Involve your audience in a way that engages them in your brand or engages them in dialogue.  And that doesn’t have to be via Facebook! Creative that tells and on-going story, competitions, QR code promotions are all simple ways that can engage an audience for very little investment and can be delivered on any media platform.


Consumers are leading ever increasingly fragmented and busy lives and they don’t have time to try and understand what you are saying.  Tell them straight, or just make them smile.

If you create the right content whether that’s a 30 second ad, a five minute short film, a newspaper ad, a magazine insert or a radio ad, to the right audience through the right media platforms at a time that suites its very nature it will be engaging and entertaining.

Prism Digital Solutions is a full service media production house, often working undercover for agencies you may already use.  For service with a smile and insight driven creative for all your budget parameters give us a call on 0203 463 8633.

Contact: For more information, contact Dan Salem

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