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5 great examples of our retail media ideas:

Advertise your brand on Pharmacy Bags

Our national network of Pharmacies across the UK offers tactical targeting through local, regional or national campaigns.

Price Range : £0 to £50k
Company : Tabletalk Media Ltd
Advertise your brand to Tradesmen

Tradesmen spend their working lives constantly on the move with Greasy Spoon Cafes their everyday pit stop.

Price Range : £0 to £50k
Company : Tabletalk Media Ltd
CASE STUDY: The 10:45 from Great Eastern New Product Launch

Useful case study or researach attachedBrewing a beer and running in-pub activity to target 20 somethings in Essex with a new group travel rail ticket

Price Range : £0 to £50k
Company : Guerilla Creative
Advertise your brand on Deli Bags

Target City Workers taking their lunch break with branded Deli Bags - majority end up on a desk in the office.

Price Range : £0 to £50k
Company : Tabletalk Media Ltd
Advertise your brand on Coffee Cups

Disrupt the everyday coffee journey with branded coffee cups delivered directly into people's hands.

Price Range : £0 to £50k
Company : Tabletalk Media Ltd
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