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What is TGI?

The Target Group Index (TGI) is a continuous survey where data collection runs throughout the year so that seasonality does not skew results. The survey is based on a sample size of c.25,000 interviews per annum. The self-completion questionnaire is placed with selected respondents at the end of BMRB`s Access Omnibus survey.

TGI is recognised as a market leader for yielding information on usage of 4,000+ brands in 500 product areas for those aged 15+. TGI is updated 4 times a year on a rolling quarterly basis. Results are weighted to match known demographic profiles and re-weighted to the National Readership Survey.

How is TGI Used?

TGI data is used to assist the understanding of target groups to aid marketing and advertising decisions. The data helps users to optimise their marketing and advertising receipts/expenditures. For example, TGI can assist with:

  • Market planning
  • Communications strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Consumer motivation
  • Target group definition
  • Market trends
  • Cross-promotion
  • Attitudinal segmentations
  • New Product Development
  • Strategic planning
  • International comparison
  • Creative briefing
  • Brand analysis
  • Media planning & buying

Why choose TGI?

TGI seeks to provide independent, high quality, dynamic and actionable single source research input to a variety of marketing decisions. To this end, TGI provides unrivalled identification of target audiences for the broad spectrum of consumer goods and services, as well as relevant strategies to communicate with those audiences.

And all of this in over 50 countries around the world.

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