The Essential Checklist for Cost Effective Production

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There are three main things that make production cost effective...

1. How much does it cost to start with - This is the obvious one but the answer is a lot less than a traditional ad agency or production company would want you to think.  It is now possible to create high quality TV Ads and editorial/advertorial HD video content with all the creative and visual appeal associated with much bigger budgets.  So pay as little as you can without compromising the quality.

2. How hard does the content work for you?
- For each campaign try and come up with content that can be used in many ways for NO EXTRA COST.  The ideal is to create the following:

  • an editorial version that can be distributed on high traffic, high profile websites.  In addition when shooting your content, look at versions for social media, upload sites and podcasts
  • a more advertorial version for your website/eNewsletters - this could be anything from a 'making of' to a demo
  • a high quality TV commercial

With all three being shot and produced by the same company at the same time not only are there cost savings but the campaign fits together better.

3. How well does the campaign work? - after all it is only truly cost effective if the campaign achieves your set objectives.  A cost effective campaign can work both as an ad and as a piece of content.  

Lynx Content are expert at both creating and producing low cost/high impact ads AND content.  Our editorial background combined with marketing savvy results in video content that works across all platforms.  We create great content and ads from £4,000 and that include our teams creative input as well as editorial distribution and seeding. 

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If you are planning any form of video content or TV ads, give us the brief and we'll come back with something really cost effective that ticks all three boxes.

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