CASE STUDY: Boundary Road Brewery Direct Mail Campaign

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Boundary Road Brewery sent drinkers to 'university' to educate them about beer.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

The craft beer industry was growing significantly though the overall beer market in New Zealand was experiencing difficulty. Despite being New Zealand's most popular craft beer brand, nobody knew the full scope of Boundary Road Brewery's craft beer range, 12 beers in total.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Boundary Road Brewery wanted to increase brand awareness and establish themselves in the minds of beer drinkers as a serious contender in the craft category. So they set out to educate drinkers about beer, to help them understand what they were buying and, of course, enjoy what they were drinking.

What was the Solution?

The best way to educate people on any subject is simply to send them to school. So "Brewniversity" was formed - an online establishment dedicated entirely to the study of beer (Boundary Road Brewery's in particular). Outdoor, press, social and digital executions invited beer drinkers to where beer enthusiasts were able to sit their Bachelor of Beer by answering a series of questions about ales, lagers and pilsners. Those who passed the exam (a simple 5 minute test) were mailed a certificate showing their Bachelor of Beer.

What were the Results?

As a graduation present, Graduates also received a unique code that qualified them for a 15% discount on all purchases at Boundary Road's online shop. Since 2008, there has been a 12% decline in beer sales. This campaign bucked that trend.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

The tangibility of the certificate meant that it would be given pride of place in the home and be talked about for months to come. Graduates were then invited to share their success by registering, via Facebook on the Brewniversity Yearbook. Shared Yearbook entries populated newsfeeds throughout the month long campaign helping Boundary Road Brewery educate their consumers and introduce themselves to a new legion of fans.

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