CASE STUDY - BrewDog - Growing Sales with Amazon Marketplace

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Launched in 2007, BrewDog's biggest mission has been to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

How to expand e-commerce sales and grow the BrewDog Brand on Amazon's marketplace. BrewDog has the brand awareness and a website that is hugely popular with their 'equity punks', but we were keen to show them the value and opportunity of developing a marketplace strategy to complement their own retail strategy. Furthermore, we were able to show them how consumers are increasingly using Amazon as a starting point on their product searches, and how Amazon's share of the Beers, Wines and Spirits category has been growing at 30%+ in the last 12 months.

What was the Campaign Objective?

It was important to identify the key needs and objectives of the business. We understand how BrewDog products were being purchased and discovered on the Amazon platform by consumers. We knew that Brewdog was being purchased through resellers and those sales were responsible for 0.2% of all sales within the beer category. The original objective was to build out BrewDogs concession on as a Seller and then expand globally, to include account set up, brand registration, content strategy and building, implementing a fulfilment strategy and advertising.

What was the Solution?

Building a successful Seller Account and DTC strategy on Amazon, in the UK,Germany and Australia.We use technology to gain a better understanding of the market and consult on potential product launches. We provided the blueprint for BrewDog's content strategy and built the product detail pages, A+ content, and Brand store. We consistently carry out the keyword analysis and helped build out the backend SEO optimisation to align to the Amazon algorithms. We develop advertising strategies and campaign structure and managed Sponsored Products, Display and Brand campaigns.

What were the Results?

Sales growth in year one has far exceeded expectations. Through the creation of BrewDog's content, presence and availability of products via Amazon, BrewDog now have Amazon in their sights as they look to extend their geographic footprint across Europe and expand the product portfolio. The BrewDog concession on Amazon launched in January 2021 and we have seen BrewDog take an estimated 15% of the Beer market on Amazon in month 12.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Making sure key components are all in place to drive success. Including, monitoring and maintaining account health, creating a best in class content strategy across their whole Amazon ecosystem. Making sure fulfilment is optimal, Our FBA specialists track orders and consult on distribution. Additionally Implementing best in class advertising strategies, targeting consumers through the shopper funnel from awareness to purchase Using technology we make recommendations on product launches that we know will succeed around key promotional periods.

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