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CASE STUDY: Cinema has the power to change minds

Provided by Digital Cinema Media
Examining how cinema changes consumers' brand perceptions and consideration to purchase alongside TV.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Until now, the majority of cinema research has focussed on recall and recognition. This quantitative study in association with SPA now highlights how cinema advertising influences consumers in the following ways: The size, sound and engaging qualities of cinema mean people naturally take more out of the ads they see. The audience view the ads as part of the experience and are in a relaxed and attentive state of mind. The stylish, glamorous Hollywood image associated with the movies rub off on any brand appearing on the big screen.

What was the Campaign Objective?

To measure changes in consumers' perceptions towards four major brand advertisers following TV and cinema campaigns. To measure changes in consideration to purchase, following TV and cinema advertising. To isolate the effect of TV and cinema advertising on consumers' brand perception and consideration.

What was the Solution?

We chose four brands planning both TV and cinema campaigns in Nov/Dec 2005. The average weight of their TV campaigns across the period was 535 ratings. We established 3 key communication messages, unique to each brand, on which to base our questionnaire. A total of 1100 respondents were interviewed through in-hall and in-foyer tests broken into 3 samples. 300 pre (prior to any campaign activity) 300 TV (recalling TV campaign), 500 Cinema (respondents who had the opportunity to see both the TV & cinema commercial for each brand in order to measure the combined effect).

What were the Results?

Brand Perceptions - The TV only campaign moved perceptions by 0.7% from 15.7% to 16.4%. Among those who had seen cinema & TV, perceptions towards the brands had moved by 7.1% from 15.7% to 22.8%. Brand Consideration - Following TV activity, consideration to purchase was shifted along the 10 point scale by 0.42 points. For those that had been exposed to both TV & Cinema advertising, consideration had shifted 0.62 points. The TV campaign, which probably delivered a frequency of at least 6, added 0.42 points & an additional 0.2 points were added by one exposure on cinema.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Key brand attributes shift x 11 times when Cinema is added to TV. Consideration (& call to action) increased by extra 45% when Cinema is added to TV.

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