CASE STUDY: Creating a 'hands on experience' for Samsung Galaxy

Provided by Blackjack Promotions
Blackjack were tasked with devising a promotion which truly reflected the far-reaching capabilities of Samsung's Galaxy Note

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Demonstration and exploration of new technology is essential for any product which is intended to exist in the same sphere as an overwhelmingly successful range such as Apple's - the capabilities of which are now common knowledge. Consequently, this hands-on, first-hand experience of the product, approach was a key factor in the execution of the campaign

What was the Campaign Objective?

The campaign needed to reflect all the capabilities of the tablet either in the nature of the activity itself or by presenting an opportunity for the consumer to try the device themselves. It was essential that the activity combined the most effective use of the dwell time available at airports with the correctly identified target market

What was the Solution?

The solution involved the set-up of an elegant shoe-shine stand, complete with a specifically trained staff member, to offer free shoe-shining to the passengers of the 1st Class and Club lounges at Heathrow. This enabled the customer to take advantage of a beneficial, complimentary service and created an opportunity to become familiarised with the handset by a trained Brand Ambassador. They were on hand to demonstrate the tablet, answer questions and collect feedback. The activity exclusively targeted the identified market, ensuring that the promo was relevant to all.

What were the Results?

Over a fortnight, over 300 passengers experienced a 'quality interaction' - named as such because the brand ambassador communicated details of the product through demonstration and responded to queries. 65% of these passengers had their shoes shined. Valuable feedback was collected during and post-activity, which was compiled and passed over to the client. Many passengers expressed renewed interest in the product after a demonstration, particularly those who had been unimpressed with pen-to-screen technology in the past.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Creating a simple but useful reason to stop and sit down allows you to showcase your product direct to the consumer. The target audience straight away is focused on the product in hand & has a real opportunity to demo it for themselves

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