CASE STUDY: DRAFTFCB reduce the cost per click for Zoopla

Provided by Draft FCB
Improving efficiency and reducing cost per click for the UK's most comprehensive property website.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Zoopla's challenge to us was to to generate additional traffic for the same budget by reducing average cost per click. They were finding that manual bid management takes the vast amount of account optimization time due to an extensive list of keywords (over 2,000,000).

What was the Campaign Objective?

The objectives of this work were to reduce CPC and to introduce the automatic bid management based on campaign type, historical performance and actual goals.

What was the Solution?

We transferred Zoopla account to FAP account to benefit from it's strong historical Quality Score. We used a separated bid strategy across Zoopla and PL brands to reduce the "competition". We then maximized spend on Mobile phones as the average CPC is 30% lower for these devices. We expanded Bing campaigns as this channel is less competitive and we implement all the classical technics like prioritizing exact match keywords and apply the maximum amount of site links. The automatic bid management was tested for a selected campaign only and therefore applied across the board.

What were the Results?

20% of account management time was saved for account analysis and optimisation. The bid management portfolio now calculates bids after 17:00 p.m each day - meaning no system overloads during working hours. The average cost per click dropped from £0.16 to £0.10 which allowed us to drive 35% of incremental traffic to the website.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

By introducing dimensions further efficiencies were achieved; Edits can quickly make to any level of the account within the application, based on given dimension tags. You can easily view and analyse data within the application, outside of an account's structure. There is now the ability to create reports based on dimension tags, irrespective of campaign setup and any added Dimension gives full historical perspective.

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