CASE STUDY: Increasing generic campaigns CTR for Unite Students

Provided by Draft FCB
We worked with Unite Students to increase their generic CTR by 5% and employ the Marin dimensions feature.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Unite Students wanted to increase thier generic campaigns CTR. We discovered that the most profitable student accommodation keywords did not get enough exposure because ad groups with more generic but less relevant generic accommodation terms had a bigger share of impressions and clicks in the campaign and therefore spent more of the campaigns' daily budgets. Therefore we needed to ensure that the most relevant student accommodation terms had higher impression share and traffic volume.

What was the Campaign Objective?

It was a necessity to increase generic campaigns CTR.

What was the Solution?

We separated ad groups with student accommodation keywords and more generic accommodation (non-student) keywords into separate campaigns. We allocated a bigger budget to the student accommodation campaigns and strictly cap campaigns with the non-student accommodation terms.

What were the Results?

Unite Students saw an increase in the generic CTR by 5% despite the decrease in CPC by 8%. Overall CTR increased by 41% after the execution of the above optimisations, giving Unite Students better control of the account's budget.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

We were also able to rollout dimensions bid management. The features of this enables Unite Students to accurately analyse performance of each city and optimise accordingly and proactively respond to the changes in the business strategies and plans. We can now also deliver detailed city reports with fast turnaround.

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BudgetReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Used
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16 - 24Female
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