CASE STUDY: H.C.Slingsby/HaulinAds - Delivering Brand Awareness

Provided by HaulinAds
HC Slingsby looks to HaulinAds to deliver brand awareness.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

A year after ending their successful campaign that eventually ran for 2.5 years, HC Slingsby returned to Lorry Advertising experts HaulinAds to see if we could run a larger campaign for them, but this time on fifteen full wraps for an initial 1 year.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Since 2011, Slingsby has looked to HaulinAds to deliver brand awareness campaigns through the use of truck advertising. Ideal for continual and ubiquitous brand awareness, truck advertising offers a high impact way of reaching the millions of people who regularly travel on our motorways and "A" roads. With the ability for campaigns to be targeted on a national, regional or bespoke basis, truck advertising offers brands the opportunity to engage with an audience, in an otherwise advertising-free environment.

What was the Solution?

Production and installation by RGVA on 3M IJ25 with matching gloss over laminate, ensured that the vibrant creative was spotted as it built brand stature for the HC Slingsby brand. The current 12-month campaign being run by Slingsby includes 12 trailers some of which feature seasonal messages - promoting seasonal product ranges. The trailers run 7 days a week and impressions are circa 50,000 per trailer, per day.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

CEO, Morgan Morris says that "Slingsby is delighted to partner with HaulinAds to boost its profile and brand awareness across the UK." Morgan has been working with HaulinAds since the first campaign in 2011 and continues by commenting that "the trucks look fantastic and as a nationwide distributor of industrial and commercial equipment working with HaulinAds was a perfect fit. It's exciting to see our brand name when you are out on the road."

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