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Case study - Hollyoaks audience research

Provided by Channel 4 Television
What makes Hollyoaks so special for the audience and the advertiser? Find out how advertising in Hollyoaks can work for you.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

40% of 16-24s always try to watch Hollyoaks if it's on. Viewers like it because they believe - "It's young, glamorous and funny but also deals with real life." "One minute there's laughter, the next sadness and anger, you get to see all the different parts of people and how they are feeling so it's more interesting." - Wouldn't you love to have access to such a passionate, engaged and loyal target group...?

How does it work?

Crucially, from an advertising perspective, 16-24 yr olds believe Hollyoaks is; "...aimed at people like me.", "It's the only British soap there is for people like us.", "It belongs to us and there's stuff in it that's like my life. I don't know any other soap like that."

Who's used it in the past?

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Features / Benefits

Hollyoaks is THE highest indexing show against 16-24s - it has an index of 235 against other adults. It is shown 11 times across the week over E4, Channel 4 and T4, providing a wide coverage for brands advertising during Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks viewers are more likely than average 16-24s to buy products they've seen advertised. Hollyoaks viewers also buy more magazines than the average 16-24 yr old, and are more likely to spend money without thinking. What a fantastic audience to target!

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