CASE STUDY: Jacamo - Force of Nature

Provided by Sky Media
Jacamo 'Force of Nature', tells a story of male body confidence & celebrates the natural beauty of big in the great outdoors.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Formerly pigeon-holed as an unfashionable plus-sized male clothing specialist, Jacamo came to Sky Media in 2019 wanting to promote its full range of products & change its perception in the market. The partnership was renewed & revitalised the following year to showcase the brand's 2020 Autumn/Winter range & to continue positively impacting brand associations. Jacamo wanted to own, embrace & champion big; to drive strong associations with powerful, fashionable & stylish attributes by proving that big isn't simply a matter of size.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Jacamo gave us some specific and ambitious targets to hit, but we were up to the challenge. They wanted to continue to build brand awareness, increase purchase consideration, increase spontaneous awareness (from 2% to 5%) and increase favourability (from 33% to 46%).

What was the Solution?

A branded content solution: 'Force of Nature', tells a story of male body confidence & celebrates the natural beauty of big in the great outdoors. Moving away from a sport approach to a more entertainment focused solution, we helped breathe life into their objectives & showcase their Autumn/Winter range against an epic natural back drop. In a year when we had found so much value in the great outdoors, the creative established this message by showcasing the natural beauty & powerful parallels between big mountains, big trees, big open spaces & most importantly, big men.

What were the Results?

Jacamo's main objectives were to drive positive change in brand associations, increase brand awareness, increase purchase consideration & increase spontaneous awareness. This campaign did all those things & more, driving BIG & BEAUTIFUL wins with those exposed to the Sky activity showing the following shifts: • +9% in spontaneous awareness • +10.4% in prompted awareness • +7.6% in familiarity with Jacamo • +2.7% in purchase consideration • Improved association with positive brand attributes, a significant shift in association with 'Beauty of big'.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

"Capturing the zeitgeist, we were excited to step out into the beauty of the great outdoors, which was so greatly appreciated in 2020. During this time of lockdown, we found escapism in our televisions, and rediscovered the powerful benefits of nature for our mental health and wellbeing." Kenyatte Nelson, Chief Brand Officer at Jacamo

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