CASE STUDY: Promoting the launch of the Boots Waterloo store.

Provided by Blackjack Promotions
Opening of a new store at Waterloo - Blackjack, Boots and National Rail collaborated to celebrate the opening of a larger store

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Blackjack provided the project and logistical management for a distribution activity at Waterloo Station, which promoted the opening of a new Boots store. The activity was live during rush hour, meaning that our brand ambassadors had to be extremely vocal, proactive and enthusiastic in order to succesfully communicate their message to the busy commuters.

What was the Campaign Objective?

The campaign's main objective was to advertise the improved facilities of the newly opened Boots store at Waterloo Station. To alert the existing customers of Boots at Waterloo to the fact that the shop had changed location.

What was the Solution?

Blackjack hired the London Comunity Gospel Choir to sing Christmas tunes, gospel classics and announce the key messages on the station forecourt. The singing caused people to stop and listen to the choir which meant our branded distribution staff could appraoch them, hand out leaflets and direct people to the new store.

What were the Results?

Commuters were delighted have the choir accompany their trip through the station and entertain them as they waited for their train. It provided a perfect opportunity to communicate with the notoriously rushed commuters of London. 2,000 units of Chapney's sample were distributed on one day, and 20,000 leaflets were distirbuted in total over the three days.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

Creating a 'stop and stare' moment gives your brand/product a head above the rest. Giving instant information or in this case redemption vouchers at the point of entertainment means messaging is instantly passed over to your target audience and they are more likely to read and take in what is being promoted. Not only this but it leaves a lasting impression on the consumers mind and builds longevity and can lead to instant brand recognition for future events.

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