CASE STUDY: Puerto de Indias - 'It's not pink, it's Puerto'

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How Puerto de Indias launched in the UK with an ownable, non-conventional gin proposition and premium brand world to appeal.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Launch Puerto de Indias in the UK with an ownable, non-conventional gin proposition and premium brand world to appeal to sophisticated, creative and curious individuals.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Counteract the oversaturated 'pink wallpaper' created by competitor pink gins and deliver an edgier, unconventional, unisex alternative. In a booming market, launching 'another pink gin' to a UK audience had a unique set of challenges. Whilst a huge success story in Spain, the proliferation of pink gin in the UK had created an indistinguishable 'wallpaper of pink', lacking unisex appeal and grown up sophistication. It was time for an edgier alternative that was about more than colour. It was time for an anti-pink pink gin campaign.

What was the Solution?

'It's not pink, it's Puerto': an 'anti-pink' campaign that introduces the UK to the darkly sophisticated & unconventional world of Puerto de Indias via the iconic black strawberry. 'It's not pink, it's Puerto' asserts Puerto de Indias' non-conformity head on and challenges the assumption that all pink gins are the same, elevating the brand above the competition with authority and confidence.

What were the Results?

The multi-channel campaign - which spanned influencer activity, social, guerilla activation, OOH, digital media, print and experiential - glorified the unique strawberry flavor profile, via the darkly sophisticated world of the iconic black strawberry, a symbol of Puerto de Indias' unconventionality, and encouraged them to 'unthink pink' once and for all.

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