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Engage consumers with a unique viral video advert

Provided by OMG Media
Use viral videos to reach a large scale audience in a memorable way to really help drive sales.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Working directly with brands and businesses, delivering quality, unique viral video adverts that are engaging, inspiring and simply brilliant. A viral video is a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing. The idea is for the video to be seen by the most people it possibly can, through the power of social media and in doing so there is no control over where the viral spreads to. Hence its name. We can develop your idea or create you an entirely new one. Beautiful ideas, creatively executed.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Virals help businesses and brands engage with their customers on a different level. The fragmentation of media means brands have to be clever with content use to reach people across all platforms. This is where viral videos help. Our virals can reach a larger scale audience in a faster time frame that some traditional media, and because they are so memorable, they really help to drive sales.

How does it work?

A viral video should be short. It should get the message across really quickly (unless there is a specific reason for this not to happen). The story within the video must contain the all important and killer 'seeding hook' - an angle in the video that is unexpected. This is the extremely funny punchline or the incredibly shocking ending, or the amazing unexpected twist. It is this that compells people to watch and forward it on in masses. Viral videos should be made with the audience in mind and not necessarily the brand.

Who's used it in the past?

UK MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (MCIA). MCIA wanted to increase national awareness of the Ride to Work Day campaign and increase the number of people riding to work on June 18th. Success would be measured on 40,000 views by June 18th, increase in site visits on and increase in engagement & activity on facebook and twitter. Within 1 week the combined views exceeded the overall campaign target at more than 72,000, sparking debate and generating more than 100 comments on youtube and 98% of voters "Liked" the film.

Features / Benefits

The key demographic (the viewer) is at the forefront of the concept - rather than a commercial advertisement which focuses on a product or brand. A viral video is something a bit special. They are usually controversial, laugh out loud funny or so unique that you feel compelled to forward it on to your friends, colleagues and family. OMG viral video know-how: "We combine creativity with technical know-how to produce viral videos that truly engage the viewer." Neil Garrett, Producer/Director - OMG Media.

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