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Engagement² - new research into multi-platform media brands

Provided by Bauer Media
The findings of a new study into effective engagement across multi-platform media brands.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

In a world where technological convergence is fast becoming a reality for consumers, more traditional media brands will have to change their ways to adapt to the new reality. Bauer Advertising has commissioned a large-scale research project, which investigates the role that multi-platform brands can play in the lives of consumers and how advertisers can use the opportunities created by these brands for their benefit.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Investigate the role that multi-platform brands play in the lives of their consumers See whether advertising on multi-platform brands can deliver tangible benefits to advertisers - is there a multiplier effect?

How does it work?

Consumers who connect with media brands on a number of different platforms are more warmly disposed towards the media brand. Media brands that operate on a number of different platforms are able to exert a greater “pull” over consumers. The media brand is able to meet more consumer needs; they spend more time with the brand, and develop a stronger relationship with the media brand as a result. As consumers are exposed to more elements of a multi-media brand, they are more receptive to advertising messages that are contained in the media brand.

Who's used it in the past?

Bespoke research opportunities are avaliable.

Features / Benefits

Please check out the Insight section on for the Engagement² video and full details of the presentation. Different elements of a multi-media brand work together in generating increased cut-through. Campaigns that operate in two platforms on a multi-media brand are more effective than campaigns that operate on two platforms across different brands. This illustrates how the different elements of a multi-media brand can work together to increase the effectiveness of a campaign.

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