Evolve brand perception by combining radio with outdoor.

Provided by Radiocentre
Radio and outdoor stimulate the mindsets other media cannot reach

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

According to research, it takes up to two years to hardwire a new brand association in the brain. This process can be accelerated by a combination of radio and outdoor. Have a look at RAB recent publication to find out more.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Combining outdoor and radio can be a powerful means of building a brand

How does it work?

Outdoor and radio generate higher levels of frequency, delivering multiple executions to consumers operating in different mindsets. These effects are enhanced by the high levels of implicit learning across these media, enabling brand messages to be more directly absorbed into long term memory. These factors facilitate the creation of new brand associations faster than one message or medium alone

Who's used it in the past?

'Freeloader.com' - Freeloader wanted to launch its service offering people the chance to play games for free online when at work and develop an anti-establishment positioning for the brand. Radio and outdoor were used because of the non-establishment environment they provide and their ability to reach office workers as they travel to work. As a result the campaign benefited from award winning creative, and a doubled subscriber base See case studies at RAB Online for more details on this campaign, plus 'British Airways Shuttle', 'Marston's Pedigree'

Features / Benefits

Combining outdoor and radio can be a powerful means of building a brand, with the two mediums have complementary characteristic: Radio offers 1) Time specific messaging 2) Voice (character) 3) Personal 4) At my level. Outdoor offers: 1) Location specific messaging 2) Visuals (image) 3) Public 4) Stature. Shared characteristics: Both are consumed whilst doing other things, reach people in a variety of mindsets, messages are absorbed more at subconscious level, greater recency of impact, reach people out of home, and have geographical flexibility

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Guide PriceReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Types
Contact for details32 million adults listen to Commercial Radio every week
16 - 24
25 - 34
35 - 44
All adults
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