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CASE STUDY: Festival tents that turn into bin bags

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Homecare brand Glad encourages going green by reusing tents made out of bin bags to keep festival sites tidy.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

US firm Glad makes ForceFlex bin bags that can stretch to accommodate a lot of refuse. They demonstrated this quality by making tents out of the same material.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Glad has been a leader in innovative green solutions for years, focusing on two of the three R's: Reduce (by utilizing less plastic in their bagsĀ¬) and Recycle (by supporting recycling programs and creating specialized products). The objective was to implement a method for the last R (Reuse)with Glad's trash bags.

How does it work?

To reinforce the strength of the ForceFlex bags, Miami agency Alma created tents made out of the bags to give away to festival-goers at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. After camping at the festival the tent can be re-used as a rubbish bag to encourage festival-goers to reduce the amount of rubbish that often gets left behind at the site.

Features / Benefits

Equipping people with the means to dispose of their rubbish at a music festival, while also providing them with a place to sleep is excellent branded utility, building up goodwill - and, potentially, brand loyalty - towards Glad. It's also a smart way of getting the Glad brand dotted around the festival site, while also effectively demonstrating the strength of the refuse bags.

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