Get in front of Business Executives and Leaders in Newsweek

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Newsweek Press & Digital across Europe and US.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

The opportunity to be associated with an Iconic global brand - High quality long-form journalism - In-depth analysis of politics, technology, business & culture in Print and on Ipad - Social driven content, designed for ease of sharing across the web.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Launched in 1933, Newsweek is a trusted Global Iconic brand - High quality long-form journalism with a powerful combination of news, culture and a clear point of view - In the print component of a modern news ecosystem, Newsweek will deliver thought-provoking content to smart, successful readers - The new Newsweek look is more elegantĀ thanks to the graphics, layout as well as heavier stock paper.

How does it work?

Premium pages and positions in Newsweek are available dependant on budget. Outside Back Cover, Inside Front Cover & Inside Back Cover & Sponsored wrap. - Rates may be negotiable if Newsweek is bought on a 3 x more issue basis. 360 solution with Desktop and Tablet version is available. - Online, Newsweek offers high end exclusive Ad formats including Floor Ad, Interstitials and Filmstrip. Creative build is offered. Please see our media deck for Adprime Elite.

Who's used it in the past?

Dassault Systems, Dell, IBM, Rolex, Longines, Jaguar

Features / Benefits

Newsweek print is the ideal environment to help you position your brand as a forward thinking company - reaching thought leaders and execs across the UK. Social driven content on the Newsweek website is designed for ease of sharing across the web, Newsweek is the place to reach Social Active influencers at scale, encouraging brands earned content to be shared.

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45 - 54
55 - 64
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