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Reach 16-34s on Sky Sports for a new & exciting golf opportunity

Provided by Juice Media
A fantastic sponsorship opportunity to put your brand at the helm of an innovative new Sky Sports Golf Show targeting 16-34s

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Imagine a mixture of Soccer AM, League Of Their Own and The F1 Show, mix in the jaw dropping combination of Premier League legend Jimmy Bullard and DJ superstar Spoony and add a healthy dollop of golf and you have our new show Golf Juice in a nutshell. Presented in a 'zoo-style' format it features top notch sports and showbiz guests alongside funny and challenging golf stunts, sketches and a smattering of videos. The show will be focused on the latest tournaments offering a genuine insight into the game from a fresh, young perspective. Sponsorship opportunities available.

What is the Marketing Objective?

In the UK over 5.8m people play golf, interestingly 45% of these are 15-34. Typically they are high net worth individuals from A,B and C1 social demographic groups with a high level of disposable income. One of the key challenges to the industry is to keep the younger generation in the game by making golf as accessible and inclusive as possible. This is where Golf Juice can be of the greatest value. By teaming up with the giant that is Sky Sports our objective is to revitalise and reinvigorate golf programming for a new generation putting our sponsors brand at the heart.

How does it work?

If you think about the golf coverage that is currently available today, it is up to date and informative but fairly staid and targeting an ageing audience. Until now programmers have been missing out on the vital and commercially attractive 16-34 demographic. Golf Juice sets out to change this and our exciting new partnership with Sky Sports is great news for brands too. This is an unmissable opportunity to align your brand with a new, young untapped audience to Sky Sports golf coverage. Compelling, energetic and engaging - this is the perfect synergy with your brand.

Who's used it in the past?

This is a brand new opportunity but through our online presence, original videos and social media outlets we have already engaged with this audience and we know that they are listening and eager to hear and see more. From an almost standing start in just over 4 months Golf Juice has grown hugely and is already respected. We are already working with innovative companies such as Ripped Links - aiming specifically at the 16-34 demographic and the 'I' and 'X' generation. Other companies include Jamega Tours, Westwood Academy, The European Youth Tour and Bunker Mentality.

Features / Benefits

Golf Juice brings good natured irreverance to the game which can be perfectly aligned to your brand. We offer fully integrated partnership opportunities including bespoke online, mobile and licensing activation giving your brand a 360 degree campaign. A series of short credit sequences can be placed around programming featuring your logo/message. Studies show that sponsorship creates a strong emotional and physiological connection with the viewer. By making your business visible in this way, you increase audience loyalty and enhance your reputation and credibility.

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