Intelligent online display advertising - Programmatic Buying

Provided by The Specialist Works
Effective buying of online display advertising that is delivering up to 30% greater targeted inventory at the same budgets.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

The approach revolves around buying inventory across a range of brands, but only buying a subset of consumers within the brand, not the entire base. Whilst simply advertising to the entire base is easier for media buyers, Programmatic Buying increases the number of publishers that a display advert will appear in, but only to the consumers that are within the target group.

What is the Marketing Objective?

To effectively target individual consumers with relevant display adverts. By having more effective targeting, there is a greater opportunity for consumers to click the ad and be redirected to the next set of content. Programmatic Buying of online display advertising is a new approach that is delivering greater % of targeted inventory for clients for the same budgets. Display advertising has become a commodity purchase with many agencies claiming it can be done "better" & "cheaper". Buying display advertising using Programmatic Buying, genuinely fulfills both objectives.

How does it work?

The Specialist Works has invested in a system called TURN, which effectively carries out the buying of the inventory at the optimum cost, based on a set of parameters such as target market, budget, etc. TURN also evaluates when consumers are most susceptible to responding to an ad and bids for activity when consumers are of most value. TURN includes filters in the buying to ensure only the websites the client wants association with has display advertising included.

Who's used it in the past?

A luxury Children's clothing retailer wanted to drive sites visits from new customers only. Their budget was to reach new consumers at less that £3.00 eCPM and deliver sales at an eCPA of under £20.00. Results were a significant improvement in channel performance and way ahead of their campaign targets: • 814 new customers • eCPM of £0.99 • eCPA of £18.42 • £86k of sales from £15k spend; 5.73:1 ROI

Features / Benefits

Purchasing of online display advertising in a far more intelligent way. We achieve direct savings by removing the need for 3rd parties i.e. brokers, networks, additional technology, etc. The approach targets users at an individual level and pays only the amount appropriate to that user, on that site, at that time. Spreads the inventory across a greater range of brands and websites, therefore creating greater exposure Using this approach often results in excess of a 30% improvement in impressions, clicks and response than standard methods

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