Sponsor the great Outdoors on eBay, reach 250,000+ users daily

Provided by eBay
Secure significant share of voice to eBay's user audience, purchasing to facilitate their love of the outdoors.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

When asking what true Outdoor enthusiasts want, we think it's all about facilitating their enthusiasm. We can drive users we know are outdoor enthusiasts from their shopping behaviors to experience your brand. We can educate on brand benefits, drive traffic and run competition features to resonate with their interests i.e. 1) Travel: chance to win a trip of a lifetime. 2) Dream Kit: win the dream kit you need for your outdoor hobby. 3) Transport: 4WD or minibus to take you to the outdoors in style etc. We can keep promotions engaging and regularly refresh opportunities.

What is the Marketing Objective?

We hit your target audience in huge numbers with no wastage. Reaching all forms of outdoor pursuits and with multiple hobby choices available. We put your brand squarely in front of the audience when they're making equipment choices. Allowing you to put detailed technical information and video in front of your target audience, you can consistently be branded as i.e. a technological innovator. We can use engaging mechanisms to create a positive association between Brands and people who love the outdoors.

How does it work?

When a climber, skier, hiker, archer, surfer, rider (or indeed any type of outdoor enthusiast) is buying new or replacement kit for their hobby on eBay, they will be seeing your Brand. We can use video MPUs at the top of item pages to display brand info. without interruption - you would effectively "sponsor" shopping for outdoor kit. Clicks can direct to a brand page hosted on eBay with product info, video & competitions which can change monthly to keep engagement. We pre/post-test brand metrics & performance.

Who's used it in the past?

The nearest we have had to this before is a sponsorship/domination of Ski-ing and Snowboarding by Bench - albeitr with just straight display ads and no content - the ads clicked directly to product. View our video attached to see how this worked. Check out our case studies at: www2.ebayadvertising.com/uk/case-studies

Features / Benefits

eBay can use shopping behaviors identify true enthusiasts -eBay is not for armchair fans but for people who do things. eBay uniquely aggregates all outdoor pursuits for a one stop shop, nowhere else is a "must go" for every pursuit. Most hobbiers come to eBay eventually for the selection of goods, to trade old kit & buy new. Campaigns can be shared on social media. We can increase brand awareness and also direct sales - we have had a few advertiser campaigns entirely funded by incremental sales through outlets on eBay.

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