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Member Quotes - Comments from Clients and Agencies

About the site

"We are always interested in looking at new opportunities, although time prohibits sitting down face-to-face with media owners to go through each opportunity individually. The website gives us the opportunity to view targeted media opportunities for specific audiences, and to quickly and efficiently assess the suitability against campaign objectives." Jeremy Found, Head of Media, COI

“A hotbed of relevant information and great ideas - the proposition is perfect for the highly fragmented communications world we all operate in and should be a compulsory part of any quality planner’s armoury.” Mark Middlemas, Universal McCann

" is a brilliant service that will prove exceptionally helpful on a number of levels; not only will it be great for case studies but it will be invaluable as a central point of reference when needing to give clients a plethora of media opportunities at the snap of a finger!" Jennifer Hill, Planner, M2M

"Marketing and media expenditure is the cornerstone of effective brand campaigns. offers our members a unique chance to compare and view smart ideas from hundreds of media owners in minutes, many of whom struggle to reach our marketing decision-makers regularly. The database, together with the site's Industry Insight section, will inevitably build Marketing Society members knowledge of what's available." Gemma Greaves, Marketing Director, The Marketing Society

About our agency response tool:

"We were briefed on a new fragrance launch and needed to turn around a response in a very short space of time, it would have been impossible to speak to every media owner individually so this fantastic service enabled us to scan the marketplace for innovative ideas and go back to the client with some great suggestions for additional support. We now also have a bank of high quality ideas so next time we get a relevant brief the info is easily accessible."  Planner, Initiative

"With a campaign planning schedule of only a couple of weeks, using Getmemedia allowed me to look at a range of options which would otherwise have taken weeks for media owners to come back on. While at this stage none have been actioned, there are certainly a couple which may be included in brand plans for 2008. I've got to admit that I was really impressed with both quality and volume of response.”Planner, Carat

"I could not believe I would receive so many qualitative answers in 5 working days - it is amazing! is great for challenging the brief, centralizing media owners, answers and as an intermediate partner. The services you provide are not only a great time-saving, but I also discovered interesting media owners I never had the chance to work with previously." Bich Van Nguyen, Mediaedge:CIA

“Getmemedia allowed us to efficiently search for campaign solutions with a directional but far from detailed brief. The great quality of responses have allowed us to investigate a huge range of approaches which otherwise may have been restricted by creative, and also highlighted some great opportunities which we are considering adapting for use on other brands in future planning.” Greg Paterson, Carat

“I recently used the briefing service to look at non-traditional media routes for Vimto and found it extremely worthwhile. We are developing a new campaign aimed at enhancing brand credibility among a new target audience. The briefing service was easy to use and generated a number of great ideas, some of which we want to incorporate into our marketing plan this year. The service and the support of the Getmemedia team was fantastic and it has opened up new opportunities and ideas that we are interested in taking forward.” Emma Hunt, Senior Brand Manager, Vimto.

“I found the briefing service a really useful tool which saved me bags of time and also opened my eyes to new and exciting media channels which I previously didn’t know existed.” Tony Oakley, Total Media

More About the Site:

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""Working client side in Media, I am always looking to keep on top of new ideas in the market. I worked with Getmemedia across 2014 and tasked them with a brief for introducing new, exciting and innovative ideas that we could potentially use within the Diageo brand portfolio. Setting aside a day every couple of months, I was able to engage with a really diverse range of businesses from new companies like Skignz, through to more established media owners like Live Nation and Hearst. These introductory sessions have enabled me to take both ideas and relationships forward, helping me to have a wider view of best practice in other sectors.""
Oliver Shayer, Head of Media Planning - Diageo
"I used the briefing service, it gave me some great solutions for my client. We presented w00t!media’s proposal to the client which they loved and we booked the activity shortly afterwards."
Lucas Brown, Total Media - Total Media
"We are delighted with the enquiries we have had as a result of working with, as well as the level of exposure that has been given to London City Airport with media agencies and marketers. After our first 12 months working with we had no hesitation in renewing our contract and I would recommend the service to all other media owners"
Candice Grover, Media Sales Manager - London City Airport
"The website provides my planners with an immediate access point to find media ideas and case studies when they need them. It provides a unique point of reference to compare and contrasts media opportunities. As a planner you can’t know about every idea available. gives me the opportunity to surprise and impress clients quickly. "
Stephen Farquhar, Head of Strategy - Zenith Optimedia
"We weren’t aware of the Puffin Brief from Total Media until it came through the briefing service. We built a strong response and we made the booking with Total Media 4 weeks after we had received the brief. We were delighted to see business coming directly through Getmemedia’s briefing service."
Austen Kay, Director - w00t!media
"We have been really pleased with the level of enquiries coming through from agencies and advertisers. A recent enquiry from an agency in Scotland was inspired by one of our case studies on the site, which is leading to business with a major Scottish client. We had no hesitation in renewing our deal with for the 3rd year and I would recommend the service to all other media owners"
Susannah Burbidge, Sales and Marketing Director - Ticketmedia Statistics

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