Advertise in Hull with the Hull Daily Mail

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Communicate and engage with over 300,000 weekly readers of the Hull Daily mail, in print & online.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Advertising with the Hull Daily Mail enables brands to reach people living in Hull and Humberside through the leading regional newspaper across print, online and mobile. With a market penetration (C1: 29.29%,A/B: 26.59%, D/E: 23.08%)of over 80% of the local adult population we help local businesses and major brands reach this hard-to-reach market.

What is the Marketing Objective?

The Hull Daily Mail will help to localise your advertising, generating greater traction with the city's communities, through it's incredible local brand strength. The Hull Daily Mail is perfect for building brand awareness; driving footfall for store openings of national chains and restaurants; promoting local offers and competitions; delivering localised messaging; reducing wastage associated with national press. Cross-platform campaigns will ensure that your brand maximises it's reach and exposure across print, online and mobile.

How does it work?

Buy print, online and mobile individually or combined into cohesive packages to give the greatest reach. Use site takeovers and highly visible ad formats to engage and interact with consumers on our platforms. Local businesses will be able to see a measurable return on investment using Hull's leading business directory, generating calls and enquiries as well as distributing timely offers and deals.

Who's used it in the past?

Leading brands such as Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Rapid Solicitors, Bristol Street Motors, Vauxhall, TK Maxx, COI, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer...

Features / Benefits

Over 80% of the local adult population in the Hull region use the and If you are opening a new store, restaurant or business in Hull, this is the most direct route to market. With latest IAB rich media ad formats, home page takeovers and mobile rich media we can help you really make the news in Hull. Combined with highly engaging print advertisements, you can be sure to generate maximum impact for your campaign.

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Guide PriceReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Types
Contact for detailsOver 300,000 weekly readers.
35 - 44
45 - 54
55 - 64
All adults
LocationTimingsMarketing ObjectiveOpportunity Type
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