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Get your brand trending - sponsorship of Sky1's new reality show

Provided by Sky Media
The Sun Set is an innovative new series celebrating the great family holiday in all its forms - sponsor it now on Sky 1 HD.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

This multiplatform sponsorship provides a brand with a variety of touch points, through which they can reach a wider audience on Sky's various media platforms. A multiplatform sponsorship will ensure that those who delve in to the content further through VOD and or find out more Online, do so while in the presence of the sponsors exclusive advertising, message. This will further strengthen the partnership between the show, the channel and the brand.

What is the Marketing Objective?

The Sun Set fits within the already popular genre of observational reality programming, which carries with it an already loyal and verbose fan base. Sponsorship of Sun Set will therefore enable a brand to reach this desirable audience, who are not only loyal in their viewership, but generate buzz around the show. Increased discussions surrounding the series can further extend the audience, increasing the reach of the sponsorship, as well as expanding on the talkability of the sponsorship through its connection to a popular and widely talked about show.

How does it work?

Alongside the sponsorship of the show the sponsor will also have an online presence.The show has its own dedicated programme page hosted on the Sky Entertainment website. The sponsor will have their logo and a display roadblock on all show specific pages and 5" pre-roll bumper on show video content. The sponsor will also have sponsorship accreditation around this programme on Sky Go, delivering an estimated 2k impressions. The sponsor will also have sponsorship accreditation around this programme through On Demand Showcase delivering an estimated 60k impressions.

Who's used it in the past?

Sky's multi-platform distribution coupled with a unique direct relationship with its viewers has meant that Sky Media lead the way in sponsorship that engages with audiences no matter how they are enjoying great content. Whether watching live, catching up on demand or on the go. A whole host of high profile brands have had hugely successful sponsorship partnerships with Sky including Dominos, Jaguar, Volvo and Autoglass.

Features / Benefits

Sponsorship has a far greater impact on our implicit mind and emotions that on our rationale and consciousness. It can effect how viewers feel about brands, how relevant they perceive them to be and their likelihood to buy. It also gives brands a degree of stature and legitimacy in a way that only television can do. The package includes: Premier runs on Sky 1 HD, Sky1+1 & Sky 1 8 x 60 minutes episodes starting in January 2015 Repeats on Sky 1, Sky 2 and any showings On Demand 15" credits opening/closing credits and 5" bumpers per centre break

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