Make your advertising budget work harder using Media Barter

Provided by Astus UK Limited
Make your ad budgets work harder by paying for 20% of your media spend using product or service - rather than 100% in cash.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Astus was the first Barter Company to take the risk out of doing barter. The result is that we offer a risk free, sustainable barter service to our clients. Working alongside your agency, we arrange barter deals with the media owners allowing you to pay part of the cost of an ad campaign in your product or goods and services. Your agency still plan, negotiate and buy the campaign, so you still achieve the same quality and price that you would without our involvement.

What is the Marketing Objective?

- Make your existing marketing budget work harder. - Ensure that your product / service that you trade is sampled or sold to your target consumers.

How does it work?

During difficult economic conditions, it makes sense to review the way you do things. Our starting point is to conduct a media evaluation with the agency to establish where the opportunities lie. Although it can vary depending on the product and the media formats used, a typical deal is 80% cash / 20% product and you only forward us the product once the campaign has run. We also pay 3 times the cash value of the product in Trade Credits.

Who's used it in the past?

By delivering our promises we've become the largest Media Barter Company in the UK. Our approach has set a new benchmark for the industry and we have grown into a multi-million pound business working with small and large companies alike. In fact we have over 110 clients. Many of the companies we work with are global household names from sectors such as food, telecoms, motoring, home furnishing, retailing, hotels and airlines.

Features / Benefits

Media barter can help dispose of problem stock and reduce existing cash expenditure. When done correctly, it is a brilliant way of solving problems and making your existing budgets work harder. It isn't always the right solution however, so we will only work with you if we can guarantee the barter deal will work simply and efficiently. We can make your existing media budget work harder and go further.

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