NEW RESEARCH: The Life Stages of Mail

Provided by Royal Mail MarketReach
Are you missing a trick in your campaigns? New research proves that people of all ages respond to mail - even digital natives.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Does the twenty-six year old living at home with mum and dad have a different perception of mail than a twenty-six year old with a young baby? Of course. We know that people of all ages read and respond to mail. But as their lives change, they respond in different ways, with important implications for brands and other organisations. Royal Mail MarketReach undertook the task of researching the implications of these changes. The results of this research have been pulled together to create an insightful report for advertisers.

What was the Campaign Objective?

This report was created to help organisations plan marketing campaigns with a full understanding of how best to drive customer response and engagement.

What was the Solution?

We commissioned two extensive qualitative studies through Quadrangle and Trinity McQueen, and drew on a wide range of data sources, including TouchPoints, TGI and our own previously published research. This report 'The Life Stages of Mail' is now live and available for advertisers to download - at no cost.

What were the Results?

Some results include: Young families are highly responsive to mail. 29.6% ordered or purchased an item in response to addressed mail. Sharers (adults who live with other adults they are not in a relationship with) are 24% more likely to display door drops in the home and often take them out while commuting to work. Fledglings (young people living at home) are actually among the most positive mail recipients.They are 32% more likely to trust information in print over digital and showed a higher open rate than other groups. For more insights, get your copy of the report.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

As people move between life stages, the role and benefits of mail change. By considering the details of each life stage and fine tuning their targeting, creative expression and calls to action, advertisers can optimise their marketing campaigns and results. For example, brands targeting Fledglings could be missing out by omitting mail from their campaigns. More than half of this group are aged between 18 and 24, and are more likely than the average to find mail memorable - this makes mail ideal for cutting through the digital competition.

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