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How our briefing service solves your marketing challenges

When you’re stuck for ideas we’re here to help

Are you struggling for ideas to promote your brand? We’ve got plenty of ready-made, creative marketing ideas for you - from advertising to sponsorship. But when they're not quite right, we’re here to get ideas tailored to your needs from our portfolio of over 250 media owners across the media landscape.

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Why use it?

  • Submit your brief, then we find the ideas for you.
  • Get bespoke and creative marketing ideas in a few days.
  • We filter the ideas, freeing you up to get on with your day.

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How Initiative have used our service


Liam describes the briefing service as an essential tool to use for sense checking with all briefs they have. With the excellent account management from us it freed him and his team up to focus on other elements of the campaign, as they knew when the responses would be delivered.

How Eldercare used our service


When Sue was challenged with a new role in a new sector, she turned to us for help. Sue filled in the briefing form and had 12 focussed responses to her brief within a few days. The responses showed Sue how she could reach her target market on a limited budget, using new ideas she was previously unaware of.