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Advertise with GiveMeSport & engage with over 26m sports fans
GiveMeSport offers market leading creative and content solutions for partners across the world of sport and entertainment.

GiveMeSport separates itself from our nearest competitors by delivering a unique approach to sport coverage by delivering stories, content and video that showcases the spectacular, unexpected, insightful, controversial and unmissable moments that drive conversation and shares.  We are also the official partners in the UK for the NBA and NFL allowing us to communicate to a wide sporting audience.

We work with partners to offer them a huge platform to integrate and promote to through multiple channels including social, digital, film and editorial.We have worked with a diverse range of clients from core sports to entertainment brands.  

As GiveMeSport is a socially led platform we can talk to all ages, demographics and social interests and therefore create content that will resonate with a wider audience.
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Candice Grover, Media Sales Manager - London City Airport