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Associate your brand with the 2017 MTV EMAs
MTV EMAsIn 2017, for the first time in 20 years, the MTV EMAs will be held in London! Inviting legendary performances such as U2 and JayZ performing on The Brandenburg gate, Queen reforming with Bruno Mars singing or Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke, there are few music opportunities that can compete with EMAs.

The EMAs dominate MTV from September, with fans voting in their millions for the artists who have defined their year, culminating with the Award Show being held at the SSE Arena Wembley on November 12th. It will broadcast across MTV's network and Channel 5, with an array of supporting intimate music events and programming, from red carpet build-up to backstage digital exclusives.

Viacom and Sky Media are seeking a brand to partner with on the UK's Sponsorship package. The opportunity provides unparalleled awareness amongst a core youth audience, with 66% of all UK 16-35 adults being aware of the EMAs, and provides the perfect environment to reach consumers in huge numbers across all platforms(TV, online, social, event branding, OTG).

With the biggest stars performing, hosting and presenting in the music capital of the World. it will be one of the most talked about events on the global entertainment calendar.

For more information, please contact skymedia@sky,uk
Street PR drive awareness and sales for Deliveroo
British online food delivery company, Deliveroo had an expansion campaign for London, followed by all major cities, then on into provincial towns. Deliveroo needed national brand awareness, lead generation and product sampling.

The challenge for StreetPR was to drive brand awareness and increase sales across all markets.

Large scale campaigns saw teams of StreetPR staff in 25 London locations simultaneously, distributing trackable vouchers and samples. This successful model was replicated across the UK. StreetPR promoted Deliveroo to the public in over 50 UK towns and cities, staffed food festivals and events and initiated corporate campaigns within large businesses.

Deliveroo is now the market leader in its field, and StreetPR staff have worked over 20,000 hours to date. Ongoing campaigns and new initiative are being discussed, testament to the sucess of the StreetPR campaign.
Advertise with GiveMeSport & engage with over 26m sports fans
GiveMeSport offers market leading creative and content solutions for partners across the world of sport and entertainment.

GiveMeSport separates itself from our nearest competitors by delivering a unique approach to sport coverage by delivering stories, content and video that showcases the spectacular, unexpected, insightful, controversial and unmissable moments that drive conversation and shares.  We are also the official partners in the UK for the NBA and NFL allowing us to communicate to a wide sporting audience.

We work with partners to offer them a huge platform to integrate and promote to through multiple channels including social, digital, film and editorial.We have worked with a diverse range of clients from core sports to entertainment brands.  

As GiveMeSport is a socially led platform we can talk to all ages, demographics and social interests and therefore create content that will resonate with a wider audience.
Change shopper behaviour from desire to action
Shopper's face a lot of choice when they go for a typical grocery shop.

They see 3,000 different messages per shopping trip and 12,000 different products and packs on the shelf. Research has shown that with the right creative, at the right touchpoint, with the right message, brands can increase sales by up to 27%.

Initials Marketing are shopper marketing specialists. They believe that the most important piece of paper in your business is the till receipt. The little piece of paper that tells you if you've won or lost in your battle to attract a shopper to buy your brand over another.

Once a shopper is on a mission to buy, marketers need to be crafting shopper communications that:
1) Attracts
2) Helps them to effectively consider and evaluate
3) Ultimately closes the sale

It's easy to see things from other perspectives as marketeers, caught up in the brand or retailer position. We know what we do so well because we do it every day. 

It's a skill to be able to detach yourself, that's why we start with the shopper - make them the hero and see things through their eyes first.

There isn't a one size fits all approach to the audience in Shopper Marketing. The shopper's journey is different across different categories - just think about your decision-making process when buying a car versus a buying a packet of crisps. By understanding this consumer decision journey and looking at macro shopper trends and the effect on purchasing behaviour, Initials create marketing designed to change shopper behaviour from desire to action.
White Label Loyalty: Rethinking Mobile Strategy in the Retail Sector
The rise of digital media is often framed as an antagonist to the great British high street. Closures of former household names like HMV and Blockbusters are undeniably linked to the companies' inabilities to compete with their digital counterparts, such as Netflix and Apple Music.

If you are a retail business that exists mostly (or even solely) in the offline world, digital technology - specifically customer engagement mobile apps - can work in harmony with (and even improve) your offline operations.

White Label Loyalty provides a bespoke digital loyalty solution; transforming existing loyalty into the digital age and offering a way for brands to have a mobile first approach. Mobile app technology can be integrated into your traditional operations in a seamless and effective manner, using the power of digital to add value to real world retail experiences.

A huge amount of money is spent on acquiring new customers; in fact it is 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain existing customers; however, there are not enough tools to retain them. 80% of revenue comes from 20% of loyal customers, we enable you to identify who they are and target them with a click of a button.

Digital loyalty can drive up revenue, reduce churn and enhance customer engagement. Already helping 100's in the market means implementing your mobile strategy just became easier, as we help develop and maintain the app.
Sponsorship of TES School Awards 2017
TES School Awards is now in its 9th year. It is an annual event which champions the great things that teachers and schools do across the country.

Over 1000 decision makers and influencers from schools across the UK will attend these prestigious awards and there is an opportunity for you to align your brand with excellence and stand out from the competition. By becoming a sponsor you will position your brand as the market leader and stay at the forefront of everyone's minds.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to network and engage with influential decision-makers, policy makers and specialists, increase visibility of your organisation in a crowded market and increase brand awareness. Organisations can select an award category that best represents their values and strategy whilst benefiting from excellent brand positioning and exposure.

As the largest network of teachers in the world, the TES platform has unrivalled impact and penetration into schools in the UK. With over 92% of all Secondary Headteachers engaging with TES on a weekly basis, this becomes a unique opportunity to communicate with school leaders. The TES School Awards is more than an event, it's a 12 month PR campaign with the biggest education publisher in the UK.
Admedia Launches Nexus
The First Large Format Digital Network Connecting the UK's Top 20 Conburbations

Leading Out of Home media owner, Admedia, is delighted to announce the launch of its new large format digital screen network - Admedia Nexus - the first large format landscape digital network that connects the UK's top 20 conburbations.

Admedia Nexus launched with 16 full motion D-48 screens, strategically positioned to target millions of drivers using the motorways connecting the UK's top 20 conurbations. The Nexus screens provide an additional touchpoint, complimenting Admedia's existing 6 sheets and A3 washroom panels, enabling advertisers to dominate the Motorway Service Areas nationwide.

Partnering with the leading Digital OOH technology companies in the UK, Nexus uses cutting edge digital technology allowing advertisers to take advantage of dominant locations and long dwell times in Motorway Service Areas. This maximises the opportunity for interaction, including delivering augmented reality and social media amplification.

Admedia Nexus will be live in time for the busy Easter period when Motorway Services see a significant increase in footfall. As a key stopping point for millions of motorists each week, Motorway Service Areas attract a range of key audiences including Faily, SME, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment & Leisure, Motoring and CTN.

Whether you're looking for a tactical sales increase or building a database of loyal customers, promotional activity can help towards achieving your brand's key business objectives.

NDL have produced a new series of guides that have been designed to share some of that insight and experience:

Part 1: Developing The Big Idea

The first in the series looks at why you might choose to run a promotion, how to develop your theme into 'the big idea', and how to decide which prizes your customers might value the most.

Part 2: Bringing your Promotion to Life

The second in the series looks at how to turn your Big Idea into a Successful Promotion. NDL show you how to make it as easy as possible for customers to get involved.

Part 3: Turning Shoppers into Fans

The third in the series explains how 5 star winner management is key to creating long-lasting brand ambassadors, with social media playing a crucial role in extending the impact of your promotion.

Each part of the series can be downloaded from NDL's website. Please click on 'Read More' to visit the website.

Target families by sponsoring the York Easter Family Festival
Make It YorkYork Easter Festival is a free to attend annual festival held over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend in York city centre. The Festival is organised by Make It York, the city's official Destination Marketing Organisation who have extensive experience of large scale city events.

The Festival runs from Friday 14th April to Monday 17th April, where the main city centre streets of York are taken over by the Easter Festival. There are family friendly activities, chocolate, fairground, street food and much more.

Headline sponsorship includes a huge range of marketing opportunities. Including large pre festival marketing both online and in print. Your brand would also benefit from involvement in e-newsletters sent to 1000's of local residents and businesses. We would also promote the Festival to our National and International audience through our Visit York databases.

The Festival offers fantastic opportunities to reach an engages family audience over the busy Easter weekend.
HeadBox - the UK's first online marketplace for creative event spaces
HeadboxEvents are becoming ever more crucial to effective branding and marketing, so finding the right space to hold your event is vital to its success. HeadBox is the UK's first online marketplace for creative and inspiring, meeting, offsite and event spaces. With over 4000 spaces across the UK, you can search, book and pay for a space all in one place. If you need some guidance finding a venue, HeadBox also have a team of dedicated Account Managers who are on hand to help with free and tailored venue suggestions.

HeadBox are challenging the way people think about space, by uncovering under-utilised venues and opening people's imaginations to the different uses and applications of space. HeadBox have connected their corporate and SME guests to fantastic spaces for fashion shows, album launches, team away days, networking events, meetings and everything in between.

HeadBox offer companies the opportunity to find a unique space that is perfectly suited to your event, without the hassle of conventional venue-finding services. With HeadBox, booking is quick, easy and hassle-free.
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