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Sponsorship of Top Trumps National School Tournament
Top Trumps is the UK's most popular children's card game based on learning and, above all, fun. Each year we run a national Top Trumps Tournament in 3,000 primary schools (can be expanded) and this represents a unique opportunity for a key sponsor that is looking to communicate with children aged 7-11 and through them, their families (as well as a huge number of teachers).

Each of the participating schools stages its own championship. The school champions are than invited to play an online elimination round and the finalists meet face-to-face in the Grand Final.

Two of the major benefits of sponsoring the tournament are that each school will receive packs of Top Trumps that have been custom made for the sponsor, creating a game that is relevant to the sponsor's message and brand. The second benefit is that this game is also created in HTML5, to be used in the elimination round and is then made available for the use of the sponsor. The value of these is £42,000.

In addition, the sponsor gets its branding on all the elements of the schools' introductory packs (certificates, posters, etc.), Top Trumps and Tournament websites and all website communications.

Previous sponsors and partners include British Gas (Generation Green), Nokia, Rockpack, Beast Quest and LOCOG. Nokia commissioned research into the Tournament which is available to download here

Previous Tournaments have received substantial local and regional media coverage, from press to radio and TV, both before and after the Final. The 2017 Tournament benefitted from media coverage valued at £115,000.

It is also feasible that the sponsor can extend their involvement to incorporate an on-pack promotion, for example.

The sponsorship package incorporates all of the above is available at a cost of £100,000.

The Tournament activity begins with the Education Show in March 2018 and culminates with the Final in June 2018.
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