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Where mums meet products
Talk to MumsMum powered marketing both face to face and online - led by women with children from tinies to teens.

Talk to Mums is a place where trusted brand conversations start. And they're started by mums, rather than brands. That's so we can deliver high levels of trust and engagement. And, it all starts with a free product trial. We call it mum-powered marketing. Mums sign up to be a Mumbassador. They're then given free product samples, coupons or event invites to share with their wider networks face to face and go on and talk about it socially. Getting your product into their hands means they're trialling and talking about it both online and offline. 

Talk to Mums offers targeted marketing with zero wastage to brands looking to increase the quality and reach of your product conversations and recommendations by 8-20 times and increase the likelihood of mums to go on and purchase by 60%.

Talk to Mums now have a new service where brands can add a product info page to the website for FREE along with 100 free samples per month. Plus if you do more than 50,000 samples you will also get a free newsletter mention.
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