Sponsorship of Nationwide Professional and Amateur Golf Tour

Provided by Professional Golfers Guild Ltd
Full naming rights to an exciting golf tour in the UK in an £11 billion industry. Cross media and event opportunities.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?

Be at the forefront of a targeted campaign to create and deliver a unique and exciting new golf tour for amateur and professional golfers. Maximise exposure through regional and national marketing campaigns. 8 million play golf of which 76% are age 45+, 20% are 60+. Of the 25,000 UK professionals, 56% are aged 45+. The market is untapped in terms of relating to, targeting and engaging with the core of golfers.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Turnover in golf is £10 billion pa involving 11 million people but yet to tap into the largest market where 76% of golfers are the very backbone of the industry. We will deliver exciting memorable experiences aligned with sponsors involvement for everyone who either takes part or is involved in creating positive brand awareness and experience. We aim to deliver a comprehensive marketing plan which maximises exposure and use both print and digital media, local radio, TV and social media to drive awareness in every club at the very least.

How does it work?

PG-AM: Groups of 3 amateurs & a professional. Focus is on the amateur/sponsors experience, so the professionals receive a flat basic payment for taking part. Leading individual amateur scorers will win their position at the grand final PG-AM event. Creates fantastic TV, press, digital and social media exposure as well as top profiling title sponsor for all events. Pro Tour: One/two day tournaments for professionals and top amateurs (max handicap 5) from age 45 and order of merit (OOM) for season. Ambassadors: For pro and amateur golfers (max h/cap 10) from 60 and (OOM).

Who's used it in the past?

Senior Open winner, Ryder Cup players, European/Senior European Tour winners, PGA/Senior PGA Champions, SA/Australian/Asian Tour winners and US Champions Tour winners including Peter Baker, Paul Broadhurst, Domingo Hospital, Gordon Brand, Andrew Oldcorn, Paul Wesselingh, Bob Cameron, Mark Mouland, Gary Wolstenholme, Gary Emerson, Paul Eales, and others all competing alongside UK/European PGA & non-PGA professional golfers and leading amateurs. The tour professionals have enjoyed entertaining sponsors and amateurs in pro-am events.

Features / Benefits

Forefront of a massive untapped market. UK golfers spend £4 billion annually of which 6 million are age 45+, 20% are 60+. 56% of 25000 UK professionals aged 45+. Most extensive targeted golf tour in the UK with a marketing campaign to drive recognition as a golfers household name. Only tour to target professionals from 45 and 60+. Combined with an amateur tournament which utilises the depth of expertise of our professionals creating a unique and exciting opportunity for sponsors to entertain and be entertained in our season long events whilst reaching marketing targets.

Guide PriceReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Types
£251k to £500kCross media marketing to hit all golf clubs in UK
All adultsBoth
LocationTimingsMarketing ObjectiveOpportunity Type
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