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An interview with...Francesca Davies - Marketing Manager, Weetabix

Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Fri 15th November 2013
This week we spoke to Francesca Davies, Marketing Manager of Weetabix.

She tells us about her marketing inspiration, favourite campaigns and brands...

What made you get into marketing?
I like a challenge. I like variety. I liked the idea that I could sell some stuff by doing some stuff!!

Who is your marketing hero?
I heard Andy Fennell from Diageo speak recently at the Marketing Society's Leadership Programme.  He spoke about the power of trying new things and being given the license to fail. He said if you fail, do it quickly, learn and move on. I found his manner and his approach really refreshing and have seen it in so much of the Diageo work. 

Your favourite brand and best campaign...
Too many! I was really moved by the "Superhuman" Channel 4 Paralympics ad last year. Stirring stuff. I respect everything about the John Lewis brand. They've put outstanding customer service at the heart of what they do and they deliver on this consistently. I've been really impressed by the freshness and boldness of Paddy Power over the last few years. Similarly I continue to love everything that Unilever does with Marmite. Their campaigns cut through every single time, are undeniably from Marmite and importantly start with a clear commercial objective. 

Best marketing resource?
I've been following David Taylor at the Brandgym's emails for about ten years now . I like the way he writes. He's keeps marketing simple. He has a clear point of view. 

The future of marketing is…
Brands will need to move beyond simply delivering against functional promises. Truly understanding the role they can play in consumers' lives is the thing that will give brands the edge. Delivering this consistently, authentically and with freshness is the challenge! 

Biggest marketing mistake / lesson?
When I've failed, it's usually because i haven't trusted my instinct. Don't just ride the day to day tide, take some time to stand back and ask yourself the question. Is it really good enough?
Where do you holiday?
My two favourite places I've visited so far are Vegas and India. Different, but both completely stunning, colourful and generous.

Francesca has twelve years FMCG marketing experience across a range of famous food brands. As Marketing Manager of Weetabix, she has full P&L responsibility of the Weetabix portfolio: the original 80 year-old cereal 'Weetabix' and successful innovations: Weetabix Minis, Weetabix Oaty bars and new Weetabix, baked with golden syrup. 
Francesca Davies
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