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'Cost of Living Impact on Families' Insight Report

By Lynne Barcoe - Co-founder Humanise  //  Tue 8th November 2022



It’s 'the thing' that every family is talking about – from the school gate to the supermarket.

The significant rise in the cost of living is making its impact felt everywhere and family behaviours are changing accordingly.

Throughout September and October we listened to our families via our 40,000 strong Family Panel base, to understand their changing attitudes and behaviours and ultimately the impact it is having on brands. Three quarters of all families are very concerned about the impacts of the rising cost of living.

And the pinch is not even, every family is at a different starting point but ‘less’ is an overriding behaviour but less can mean more for some families and there are positive counter behaviours.

Plus the four main behaviours that are becoming embedded with families are about more not less:

Families are being smarter, being more considered, more appreciative and more community focussed.

Brands are very much in the limelight and it is a crucial time for them to sit up and really listen, observe and to act to families needs.

To download our full report on the changing behaviours of families and how brands can support them click the below link:

Our Family Cost of Living Report

Also, hear it direct from families themselves via our two videos for you to watch:

Changing Grocery Habits of Families in 2022

Changing Behaviours of Families in 2022

Any questions we’d be more than happy to help.



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