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Dr Martens #standforsomething tour headlined by Pulled Apart By Horses

By Lee Porte  //  Tue 22nd July 2014
Brands need to invest directly into artist talent and reward the fans, instead of just sticking a brand in a campaign, writes Rupert Vereker, chief executive and founder of Sonic Media Group.

In the streamed world we live in, the value of music is diminishing, yet marketers are still seeking a constant supply of original content. To overcome this contradiction brands and music need to unite in innovative ways to delight and excite their fans. But beyond licensing popular songs for adverts, are there enough examples of genuine innovation that can demonstrate that making music is a meaningful part of a brand’s marketing DNA?

The music market is rapidly evolving. From Bob Dylan’s Chrysler advert to Lady Gaga’s concert for Doritos at SXSW to the Samsung Jay Z partnership (that saw the electronics giant buy a million copies of the ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ album so that its consumers could download Jay Z’s album for free before the official release date) to now: Apple’s bid for Beats.

But these examples are few and far between. The more fundamental question is why more brands aren’t implementing campaigns that invest directly into artist talent, and why music often comes as an afterthought when creating the overall brand strategy.

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