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How to optimise your e-newsletter for mobile

Guest blogger
By guest blogger  //  Fri 24th January 2014
Katie Norwood, Digital Marketing Executive at London Creative shares insight on e-newsletter optimisation for mobile. 

With an increasing amount of smartphone and tablet ownership, companies need to focus on building e-newsletters for their mobile audience. 
51% of all emails are now read on a mobile device (Litmus) and 40% of user engagement with mailers is via a phone or tablet. (Experian: 'Quarterly Email Benchmark Study') Proof as to why it is no longer enough to just focus on building a company e-newsletter for desktop PCs. 
Here are some simple ways to improve the user experience for people reading your mobile e-newsletter. 
Responsive design – If potential customers can’t easily read all of the content you are sending them, they will switch off and ignore you. Consider having responsive design e-newsletters, which will adapt to the size of the screen they appear on, allowing your email will look great on all phones and tablets. 
Only 12% of businesses currently use responsive design emails, giving you a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd. (Equinux)
Reduce Load Time: Obviously you will want to your newsletter to look great but also think about the user experience of receiving your business’s mailer.  Avoid including large images or videos in what you send your customers – this will make everything visible a lot quicker, increasing the chance people will click through to your website. 
Clear CTAs: Mobile users are bombarded with hundreds of emails every day so make sure if a potential customer is skimming your e-newsletter they can spot your call to actions. Make sure these are appealing, such as useful advice or offers, as well as easy to click on. 
If you want to see the results of mobile e-newsletters but you need some help producing them, you could always contact a creative advertising agency

How to optimise your e-newsletter for mobile
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