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Interview: Bridge Fazio, Senior Designer/Creative Director

Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 27th January 2014
Bridge Fazio, Senior Designer/Creative Director on the trend towards 'less is more' in design and the buzz of working on creatives for high profile film campaigns such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

What was your first job?
I was a picture framer! But my first industry job was working as a junior designer for a company called Winchester Films. It was a film and TV distribution company based in Regent St. I was an in-house designer there...innocent times...

Advice to people starting out in the industry?
Take ANY and I mean ANY entry level job to get your foot in the door - before you know it you're hired full time. Its good to start as a runner or an intern because it allows you to choose specifically within the company.

Campaign you’re most proud of?
Most film poster campaigns because I get to see them blown up in the tube - some high profile jobs were also fun - Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and the like. Large storyboard animation directing projects are also fun. I'm currently proud of the job I'm doing at the moment...but its hush hush...

Which ad campaign do you wish you had come up with?
The Absolut ads perhaps - they were groundbreaking at the time. They allowed for different interpretations of the product and thus made it universal.

Best career advice you've received?
Always work with the same intensity on every job. Otherwise you risk stagnating. Also, you're only as good as your last job. That advice is particularly important for freelancers...

Design trends you're seeing for 2014?
A general trend towards simplicity - less is more. Everything from branding to graphic user interfaces and websites. Everything is scaled down to the bare essentials. Mavericks is a good example of this - the new Apple GUI - and IOS7. Android needs to catch up. Even the Lumia is a bare essential interface now. Android risks looking too colourful and heavy handed.

Best creative resource?
BOOOOOM! is very good. Vimeo is still an amazing resource. Behance is always good too. The best book for me right now is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman and The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco. Oh, and Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, the sequel to The Shining. Best website is You can find any manner of things there...

Who has inspired you recently?

My daughter, every day, as she learns to do things. Seeing her find her thumb at two months was inspiring...

If you weren't working in the creative industry, you would be doing….?
I'd probably be a fisherman...or a lumberjack...

Favourite pub?
The Camden Town brewery if that qualifies...

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I lived in Argentina during the military dictatorship through to the Falklands...

Travel plans for this year?
Oh, yes....!

Bridge is a Senior Designer/Creative Director with experience as a freelancer in-house, client side and for agencies including: Sony, Turner Broadcasting and MarketMe.
If you'd like to find out more about Bridge and his work visit:  

Interview: Bridge Fazio, Senior Designer / Creative Director
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