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Interview: Marie Ellis, Marketing Manager, TVPlayer

By Alexandra Gold  //  Tue 13th May 2014
Marie Ellis, Marketing Manager, TVPlayer tells us about the future of the 'OTT' TV market, owning her own bar one day, digital analytics, and Jennifer Lawrence playing her in a movie. 

What was your first job?

Communications Manager for a social networking site for clubbers called Applebelly. 

What made you get into marketing?
My first foray into Marketing was when I worked in the night-club industry, which was actually progressive when you look at the importance they placed on Data Capture, CRM and Mobile Ticketing. I also wrote for a number of entertainment magazines, becoming the entertainment/media contact on a permanent basis for Leicester Mercury, which I loved.  I decided then that I wanted to work for brands which people were passionate about.

Who is your marketing hero/ biggest influence?
Kerry Taylor, SVP for MTV.   

TVPlayer is an ‘OTT Platform’, what does this mean for those not familiar with the term?
Over-the-top (OTT) is an Industry term to reference content being delivered over the Internet. 

How are services like TVPlayer changing the way we consume television?
TVPlayer provides an easy way to watch aggregated live TV across multiple devices.  The success of TVPlayer has been determined by the fact our service is extremely accessible for a wide range of people, whether it’s the ‘Millenial’ digital generation or an older skewed audience who have now embraced the tablet as a destination for TV viewing. 

How can TVPlayer benefit marketers and advertisers?
TVPlayer is able to provide detailed analytics for any advertising activity across its platforms and can target according to day part, genre, channel and programming. To maximise both reach and track conversion is of great value for any Marketer or Advertiser.

Best campaign?
Heineken ‘Walk-In’ Fridge Advert - I would have been the one screaming at the fridge.

Best marketing resource?

Biggest marketing lesson and what did you learn from it?
Attempting to implement a high level cross departmental project - it taught me a lot about the importance of stakeholder management.  It’s also important to own up to any mistakes.

What do digital analytics offered via IPTV platforms mean for Marketers over traditional BARB figures?
Digital analytics offered via IPTV platforms means that Marketers have an opportunity to understand who their customers are and engage with them more effectively.

At TVPlayer, we are working closely with Kantar Media who are currently working with key broadcasters to provide a TV Player report, which will standardise and collate ratings across media players, which will be a significant change for the Broadcast Industry. 

I am also Marketing Manager for VuTV, an OTT pay TV subscription service available via channel 238 on Freeview, which is BARB measured.

What does OTT TV mean for the future of marketing?
TV is here to stay. The proliferation of content to multi-platform OTT TV services means that the end consumer has more choice to watch TV than ever before.  The future of marketing will mean that Marketing Departments will need to familiarise themselves with and embrace OTT TV services as part of the marketing mix. Budgets for advertising campaigns will be reallocated in the future, so that activity doesn’t focus solely on the more traditional advertising platforms and will increasingly spread across mobile, web and OTT TV services. 

Digital advertising provides much more accurate and granular measurement of campaigns, with the proven ability to target consumers effectively. Media agencies and Marketing Departments will become increasingly more commercially accountable to Senior Management, so the future of marketing will mean that advertising campaigns will be even more ROI focussed. The analytics which digital advertising offers is a useful tool for Marketers to evaluate the success of their advertising campaigns.  

The OTT TV market is forecast to grow substantially over the next few years. The future of marketing is evolving and Marketers at all levels should keep-to-date with the latest technologies and advertising platforms.  

Favourite pub?
The Effra in Brixton or The Hawley Arms in Camden

What would be your superhero power?
Power of time travel

Celebrity Crush?
Vin Diesel/Jamie Foxx

Favourite sport?

Dream holiday?
Ibiza or Rio!

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I hold a National Licensees certificate - I will own my own bar one day

Who would you like to play you in a movie of your life?
Jennifer Lawrence

Forks for arms or spoons for legs...and why?
Forks for arms so I can poke people all day just to be annoying

Marie heads up the Marketing and PR for the Simplestream Group, which recently launched TVPlayer - a live TV streaming service which can viewed across multiple devices, described by The Debrief as one of ‘One of 2014’s biggest success stories in the App World (so far)’. Marie was formerly Commercial Marketing Manager for MTV UK & Ireland; also working with VBS Brand Solutions and Sky Media to manage Pan-European and UK sponsorship campaigns during her time there. Prior to MTV, Marie was responsible for overseeing ODEON Cinema’s CRM programme and managing, working on the launch of what is now known as the ODEON Premiere Club.  

Follow her on twitter: @me_ellis
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