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The Football Business Awards 2019

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 10th January 2020

Before Christmas we were really pleased to take a trip to the glitzy Football Business Awards 2019 where we had a fantastic evening of appreciation for the role of business in football and the impact football has on communities. 

Held at the prestigious City Central at the HAC, the evening played host to some of the biggest clubs from across the UK and the brands associated with these clubs. 

One highlight of the evening for us was the 'Best Club Marketing Initiative' category which saw my very own hometown team Norwich City FC scoop up the prize. Their 'All Together Now' campaign set to encourage season ticket holders to renew membership. This campaign not only met, but exceeded expectations and created positive sentiment for the brand. 

Another award which stuck out to us was the 'Sponsorship/Partnership of the year' category which rightfully went to English Football League and Mind. They have worked together to end the continued male stigma of mental health and to improve the mental health approach in the football industry whilst raising awareness and funds for the charity.

We must also mention Liverpool FC's success winning the 'Best in Football Media' award for their unbeatable content production and engagement with fans across all platforms. Their social media reach is over 2.4 billion interactions and their Youtube channel views surpassed 116 million over the 2018-2019 season.

The level of competition this year was astounding with over 100 finalists in 19 categories. We were so glad that we could be there to witness recognition being given to those who set a precedent in the football business industry. And finally, a congratulations to all those who won, and to those who were nominated for their efforts.

We hope to share some more information regarding the Football Business Awards with our GMM members soon!

See the following link for the event show reel:


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